Walk of Beer - a historical theme route that connects the Forchheimer city centre and the Cellar forest.

Like the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood, stars in the ground make the passers-by attentive. In Hollywood the Stars stand for legendary stars, in Forchheim for the brewing sites. The townscape of Forchheim was dominated by the brewing industry for centuries. The barley juice was once produced in 33 breweries with 23 beer cellars. Today there are four breweries and all 23 beer cellars.

In front of the breweries Hebendanz, Neder, Eichhorn, Greif and at the foot of the cellar forest you will find a WALK OF BEERstar. Each star has a QR code. Over these can be obtained detailed information about the brewing sites.

Take the WALK OF BEER and immerse yourself in the Forchheimer beer culture!

All information about the WALK OF BEER can be obtained from the tourist information.