Awarded the Golden Beer Idea 2019

Logo "Goldene BierIdee 2019"

The WALK OF BEER in Forchheim has been awarded the "Golden Beer Idea 2019" by the Bavarian Brewing Association and DEHOGA Bayern!

WALK OF BEER - a historical themed route connecting Forchheim's city center and Kellerwald.

As in the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood, stars in the ground make the passers-by aware. In Hollywood the stars stand for legendary stars, in Forchheim for the breweries. The cityscape of Forchheim was shaped by the brewing industry for centuries. In 1850 there were 38 taverns and over 20 beer cellars in Forchheim. Most of the innkeepers produced their beer in twelve private and two communal breweries. At that time Forchheim had about 3,000 inhabitants. Today there are four breweries and 23 beer cellars.

In front of the breweries Hebendanz, Neder, Eichhorn, Greif and at the foot of the Kellerwald you will find a WALK OF BEER star. Each star has a QR code. More detailed information on the breweries can be accessed via this.

Enter the WALK OF BEER and dive into the Forchheimer beer culture!

For all information on the WALK OF BEER contact the Tourist Information.