The existence of the operation of the brewery Neder can be traced back to 1554. It is thus the oldest still existing brewery in Forchheim. The restaurant with original wooden plank ceiling from the 16th century has opened 365 days a year. Here you can immerse yourself in the "good old Time" and enjoy Neder draft beer. In recent years the brewery has received several international beer awards such as the European beer Star or the craft Beer award.

Black Anna, Classic Hell, Export, Kellerbier, Premium Pils, Anna-Weisse, Braunbier, Anna Festbier, Christmas Festbier, Gregori Bock

Until 1518, the current house of the brewery Neder is a free-lingual bourgeois estate. Under the prince-bishop Kastner Georg Hutzelmann it is acquired as episcopal Kastenhof. In order for the property to meet its future needs (eg, grain storage), a whole series of construction work was required. In 1748 the forestry office was housed there. The forester's house was already in 1786 in a dilapidated condition and was auctioned in 1773 to the highest bidder Anton Löhr (brewer). In 1792, the brewing trade moved into the property, which soon had a tavern.

The existence of the brewery Neder can be traced back to 1554. It is thus the oldest existing brewery in Forchheim. More details are known about the bridal work from 1806. Sebastian Theiler, who had acquired the brewery from the Rath family, remained childless, so that his nephew, Sebastian Neder, sold his own brewery in the Sattlertorstraße 14 to Jakob Hebendanz and from 1881 the brewery "Zum Schiff" his uncle in the Sattlertorstraße 10 further led. Even today, a ship adorns the brewery coat of arms and reminds that the brewery restaurant once bore the name "Zum Schiffswirt" and the Ludwig-Donau-Main-Schifffahrer preferred to stop there. The brewery was not exclusively focused on the local market, but also delivered beer to Swabia and the Rhineland at the beginning of the 20th century, albeit only in small quantities. Under the direction of Gregor Neder, an ice cream machine was purchased in the 1920s and 30s, the production partially converted to bottled beer and the brewhouse renewed.

His son Hilmar Neder, also brewmaster, ran the company until the year 2000. His daughter Astrid Neder-Haub manages the brewery until today. The beer, with its ship in the coat of arms, is served from the barrel - tapped in the Bavarian style - in the popular brewery restaurant, which is still run by the brewery Neder even today. Special feature here, guests can bring their own food while they enjoy their cold draft beer.

Also on the Neder cellar in Forchheimer Kellerwald Franconian specialties and delicious Neder beer, especially the black Anna, brewed according to old craft methods and named after the Annafest offered.

Several times a year, brewing festivals with live music take place in the courtyard of the brewery, offering a very special character.

In recent years, the brewery Neder has received several international beer awards such as the European Beer Star for Premium Pils (Silver), Classic Hell (Bronze), and Brown Beer (Bronze) and the Craft Beer Award for Brown Beer (Gold).

In the brewery restaurant you may bring your own snack! Garlic sausages, sausages and burgers with Forchheimer Bauernbrot can be ordered. There is also a Bavarian bar. That is, the beer is tapped by hand from the peasant barrel.

European Beer Star
Premium Pilsner (Silver), Classic Hell (Bronze), Brown Beer (Bronze)
Craft Beer Award
Brown beer (gold)

Mon to Sat 10 am to 10 pm
Sun 9 am - 8 pm

Sattlertorstraße 10
91301 Forchheim

+49 9191 2400