The history of the Hebendanz brewery can be traced back to the year 1579. The family Hebendanz was located in the "Stone House" in the main Street 28, was brewed in the lower Kommunbrauhaus. Since 1882 is brewed in today's estate of the brewery. Already in the 1920s, bottled beer was produced and delivered to surrounding villages. The brewery is now run by Fritz Hebendanz. He is a Forchheimer "original" with his strong stature and his characteristic moustache.

Export Hell, Edel Pils, Posthalter Lager, Bächla Leicht, Märzen Gold, First Forchheimer Export Hefeweißbier, Jubelfestbier (all year), Annafestbier, Winter Zauber Festbier, Bockbier

In the street directories are the owners of the house in which today the brewery Hebendanz is known from 1482 - in a document from 1515 the dwelling is mentioned for the first time. In 1579, the house is rebuilt, of which the inscription still preserved today testifies to a wooden pillar of the doorstep. In 1745 one speaks of the dwelling at the Kastenhof, as the "Stauden Connerles Haus" is called. In 1746, the Büttner craft and thus the brewery moved into the estate. In 1776, the Neder family acquires the building and the succeeding generations are all butchers, brewers and landlords. In 1882 Sebastian Neder sold the property to Jakob Hebendanz, while Neder purchased the property in Sattlertorstraße 10.

The history of the brewery Hebendanz can be traced back to the year 1579. The family Hebendanz was located in the "Stone House" in the main street 28, was brewed in the Lower Commune Brewhouse. Jakob Hebendanz, who was unable to take over his father's brewery as a second-born son, thus bought the present-day brewery on Sattlertorstraße 14. Unlike the parent company in the main street, beer was brewed here with its own facilities, and sales were by no means limited to the brewery own house restaurant. Already in the 1920s bottled beer was produced and delivered by horse-drawn vehicle to the surrounding villages of Forchheim, and after World War II the first truck was purchased as part of a comprehensive modernization of the company. Since then, the brewery has been continuously modernized. Again and again, old systems were replaced by new ones, which required high investment costs in the millions. Since the death of Fritz Hebendanz sen., The grandson of Jakob Hebendanz, in 1984, his son of the same name runs the brewery, whose turnover has increased over time to about 10,000 hectoliters. However, today Fritz Hebendanz regrets that the move to relocate from the city center was not taken in time. The potential for expansion at the site in Sattlertorstraße is extremely limited, the operations must be organized in part on several floors and new facilities had to be "flown" with the crane on the roofs. Fritz Hebendanz is with his strong stature and his characteristic mustache a Forchheimer "original". His daughter Martina is also brewmaster and the son-in-law Daniel also works as brewmaster in the brewery Hebendanz.

In the brewery restaurant, you can enjoy warm Franconian cuisine and snacks at different beer brewery brewery Hebendanz.

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